Always A Writer

I have been a writer nearly all of my life. For as far back as I can remember I have always been involved in the written word. I also love reading, whether it be Mark Twain or ‘The Call Of the Wild’, books have always intrigued me. I put my first book of poetry together back in 1973 – 59 pages and 29 poems. It was called ‘The Mountains Of Imagination.’ I still have copies of it, as I do all of my poetry books. By the end of 1973 (I was 18 then) I had put together 3 books of poetry. I was also dabbling with song writing as well – then and now. Again – putting words to poetry, or to music, is not that different. Which method gives me the most satisfaction? That is a tough one to answer. The feeling I get when singing my words, accompanied by guitar, is simply amazing. Music puts me in a different space and a completely different frame of mind. But when I recite a good poem – it is moving, but in a different way. Poetry is simply words without music. Music, to be honest, does not need words at all.
Yet in our society words and music go together like steak and potatoes.

So now I am writing novels. How is that different from writing a book of poetry, or writing a song? Very different. A book of poetry can be poems that stand on their own, or they can be tailored to a common theme. A novel is simply a very long story, meant to keep ones attention from beginning to end. Poems, in most cases, are just time capsules of an authors thoughts, or feelings, at any particular moment. Both the story and the poem have a long history, and the need to tell stories, or recite verse, sees no end of dying. For whatever reason, the human race has a need for the spoken, and the written word, and whether we read it, or write it, we keep that legend moving forward from generation to generation.


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